Imagine a team with an unmatched expertise in managing the many complexities of any event and executing flawlessly. A team that has cultivated relationships with the best service providers in the industry so that you only invest in the absolute best. A team that anticipates your needs before you can express them. A team who gets your life, love or brand as well as you do.  A team who exceeds your wildest expectations and dreams. A team whose primary job is to make sure that you get to laugh, appreciate and celebrate your most amazing moments.


This is Event Design Group.

When Natalie started Event Design Group in 2016, she knew that the event industry needed an elevation that only she could bring. Today, the imagination, innovation and integrity that she envisioned have become the hallmarks of her company. Hundreds of events later, she is sought after for her unmatched ability to not only create stunning, upscale events, but to build lasting relationships. For Natalie, trust is her most valuable currency. And as evidenced by endless rave reviews from clients and access to the industry’s top vendors who drop it all when she calls, Natalie is wealthy where it matters most.

natalie melton

Our team




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Favorite food: Pasta is my weakness, and spaghetti is my all-time fav.

Favorite holiday: It’s a 3-way TIE! Every year my family does Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas BIG. 

What I’m currently binge-watching: Every year I binge watch Gossip Girl. I can watch that show from beginning to end like I have never seen it before.  

Favorite move: “To All The Boys I Loved Before” Part I and II.

Favorite type of event to plan: Weddings, of course!   

Favorite part of the event day: Seeing the bride ready to go! There is no better feeling than getting her down the aisle and watching as her groom sees her for the first time. Always a breathtaking moment. 



What I’m currently binge watching:  Lots! But currently “The Road Back to You.”

Beauty item I can’t live without:  Oh Mascara, how could I do life without thee? Lancome Definicils is my fave!

Favorite part of the event day:  The reception! I love seeing the bride and groom finally getting to relax and just enjoy good company.

One thing folks are surprised to know about me:  I’m NOT Natalie! Working as an assistant to the identical twin boss is no easy task. By default I have to know EVERYTHING because people ALWAYS think I’m her.

Favorite type of event to plan: I don’t have a favorite type of event. I think they’re all awesome. Life is to be celebrated, I’m here for the occasions!

Favorite food: I can't live without cupcakes!

Favorite celebrity: No brainer, I love Gabrielle Union-Wade! 

Favorite part of the event day: Intimate moments between the bride and groom like exchanging vows or their first dance are my favorite. 

Favorite type of event to plan: I really enjoy Intimate weddings. 

What I’m currently binge-watching: I just finished Girlfriends and I'm waiting on our alternate ending! 

Beauty item you can’t live without: CoverFX Powerplay foundation is my holy grail! 

Favorite Store: All I need in this life is Target!


"If people are doubting how far you can go,

go so far you can't hear them anymore"